Owanga's Green Visionaries

Owanga, a dynamic player in Africa’s renewable energy industry, was established in 2023 by co-founders Benedict Owanga and Chinelo Adi, both committed to making clean energy solutions accessible.

Originally planning to import battery packs from China to solve energy problems, the duo instead shifted their focus to sustainability and cost-effectiveness. This led to the initiative of producing and manufacturing battery packs within Africa.

Magnus Emenuga, the engineering lead at Owanga, has developed a unique product line,utilizing plastic and recycled laptop batteries to create powerful battery packs, reducing production costs, and emphasizing our commitment to the environment.Proudly designed and manufactured in Africa, Owanga is not just powering homes and businesses; we're pioneering a sustainable cycle that benefits the environment and communities we serve in Central Africa

Benedict Owanga
Chinelo Adi
Magnus Emenuga
Lead Engineer